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City Council approves 2021 Community Services and Arts Grants Committee funding

The Santa Clarita City Council approved a number of fundraising initiatives and programs Tuesday night, including the city’s 2022 Arts Grants and Community Services Committee program funding recommendations.

The Community Services and Arts Grants Committee has approved recommendations for 2022 program funding for an amount not to exceed $91,000 for Community Services Grants and $89,000 for Arts Grants, for a total $180,000, depending on the City’s approved agenda item.

The council also approved the full annual financial report for the year ending June 30, 2021. The city’s independent audit firm has released an unmodified ‘clean’ audit, which reflects the best standard an organization can receive on its financial statements.

Additionally, the council passed an ordinance amending Chapter 15.44 of the city’s municipal code regarding integrated waste management to comply with Senate Bill 1383, a law passed in 2016 designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse effect from things such as organic waste.

“Senate Bill 1383 allows cities to take an educational approach to their local ordinance enforcement for the first two years of that ordinance’s enforcement,” the agenda item reads. . “However, beginning in January 2024, cities must take progressive enforcement action against generators of organic waste that do not comply with the local ordinance.”

In addition, the board appointed Andrea Vibe to the Arts Commission.