Community services

East Shore Community Services Commission Acquires Mobile Unit

In the spring of 2019, the East Coast Community Services Board launched Virginia’s first licensed medication-assisted treatment and outpatient mobile unit. It is intended to extend services into remote communities for underserved populations, this unit allows ESCSB to take its services on the road. With transportation being a huge problem on the East Coast and preventing many people from accessing the services they need, this is one way to help ease that barrier. This mobile unit is an extension of services currently provided by the Community Services Board’s Parksley Behavioral Health Center. The unit is staffed with clinicians and a peer recovery specialist, a nurse practitioner is also available if required. The mobile unit is equipped to provide many of the same services provided by clinicians in the office, such as individual outpatient therapy, peer support services, medication management and case management for people with disabilities related to substance use. Although appointments can be made, anyone in need of services can come in for walk-in services. Registration for same-day access is also offered, so that treatment can be acquired quickly, with the option of maintaining that care through regular visits to the mobile unit. The mobile unit complies with all HIPAA regulations, as do all of our processing centers. The mobile unit is currently scheduled at locations in Chincoteague, Nassawadox and Eastville. This unit aims to provide access to those who face additional barriers in our communities and to provide equitable services for all. For more information about this ESCSB service, please call the Parksley Behavioral Health Center at 757-665-1260.