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After 53 years, a new start (without stages!)

Greta and Frank lived in the same house for 53 years. But as they got older, their home became less and less comfortable. Despite the happy memories accumulated over more than half a century, it was time to move on.

“I think the (tenant relocation) program is amazing and Housing ACT has helped us in every way they can,” says Greta.

Greta teaches music from home and was keen to make sure their new place still had room for her music studio. “They understood our needs and tried to find something very suitable for us, even though I had special and unusual requests. We have now moved into housing that is much more suitable for our age range,” she shares.

Moving is never easy, especially after so many decades, but with the help of Housing ACT, Greta and Frank made it happen.

“We are extremely happy with the move; although it was quite stressful to sort it all out after living in the same house for 53 years,” says Greta. “But it was necessary as we got older, and the program helped us tremendously by providing two large dumpsters for free. We were very grateful, as we are both retired. They also helped us by paying the mover. It was a huge financial help. I am very grateful to the program for providing us with a helpful team, and these financial aids. It took a lot of stress off us. »

We love the sound of this – and the tunes coming from the new music studio!

Page updated: May 03, 2022