Community values

Harvard Community Values ​​Does Not Include Allston

As an observer of Harvard-Allston over these many years and in my official capacity as President of the Allston Civic Association, a member of the Harvard-Allston Task Force, and an original member of the Multimodal Project Task Force of Allston, I can see a concerted effort by Harvard to disassociate itself from the greater Allston community.

Separation manifests itself in harsh reality when it comes to inclusion and belonging.

Harvard lists its community values as following:

▪ Respect for the rights, differences and dignity of others.

▪ Honesty and integrity in all dealings.

▪ Conscientious pursuit of excellence in our work.

▪ Responsibility for actions and conduct in the community.

▪ Responsibility for links and bridges that allow everyone to grow and learn from each other.

What is good for the Harvard community does not translate into what is good for the Allston community.

You show who you really are by what you constantly do. As Robert Solomon once said, “Trust opens up new and unimagined possibilities.”

Harvard should apply its core values ​​to the Allston community, and together we can fulfill our responsibility to future generations for a shared vision of hope for a better future for all.

Anthony D’Isidoro