Community services

Human Needs Working Group (Community Services – Partnerships)

The Douglas County Human Needs Task Force was launched in March 2020 to monitor and maintain services to residents impacted by COVID-19. The task force, led by Commissioner Laydon, was formed as a multidisciplinary group, including representatives from the Tri-County Health Department, Manna Resource Center, Development Pathways and County Social Services staff. , Community Development, Office of Emergency Management and County Administration. Departments.

The objectives of the working group were to:

  • Connect with partners and community leaders to gather and share information regarding support services
  • Identify constraints and barriers to support services and work collaboratively to resolve
  • Supporting a suite of services for people who are isolated or immunocompromised
  • Maintain two-way communication between public and private partners
  • Monitor emerging practices in support of human needs services
  • Maintain and update county information regarding local, state, and federal resources

The task force has initiated working groups with community partners to address anticipated needs related to high-needs populations, including seniors, persons with disabilities, and veterans, as well as general needs related to food and housing, child care, access to health care and volunteers. Each task force reported to a Community Response Team made up of 29 representatives and partner agencies from across the county. These meetings helped identify community needs and collaborate on potential solutions.

Task Force members recognize the value of continuing to work strategically in partnership to use available resources to provide non-duplicative services to those who need them most. The working group will continue to review emerging needs, issues and opportunities and identify additional working groups as needed to identify collaborative solutions.

The Homeless Initiative is a working group of the Human Needs Task Force which was launched in 2021.