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Humboldt and District Community Services looks on with emotion at 2021

Humboldt and District Community Services have had a busy year, running 11 different programs around Humboldt and the region.

The introduction of COVID-19 has affected many businesses, and Humboldt and District Community Services are no exception.

“We have spent the last year developing and revising several policies, such as visitation, vaccination, masking and screening policies. We really can’t thank our staff enough for their flexibility with constant change and for keeping our home and residence safe and healthy, ”said Juanine Korte, Executive Director of Humboldt and District Community Services.

The organization currently has over 80 clients and Korte would like to thank Mara Doepker, Social Worker and Support Services Coordinator.

“We have seen a lot of new referrals, even in the last few months. Largely due to new diagnoses such as autism. She continues to support a large number of people through Dementia Strategy funding, filling out new applications, annual renewals, matching people with mentors and back-up caregivers, and it all takes a long time. .

The organization organized a revised and scaled-down version of its 8-week summer program, with a total of 19 children, with a maximum of 6 children per day. Their social program has also been revised to accommodate smaller groups of people to ensure safety.

“We really found the continuation of these programs to be extremely important to our clients, especially last year when so many people were struggling. “

The organization organized many other programs throughout the year; smaller workshops such as WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) to help people stay healthy. The organization has also partnered with Safe Communities Humboldt to host safe chat sessions.

“Our employment program continues to be very busy. Over the past year, our employment program has helped approximately 85 people preparing for, finding or keeping employment in the community. ”

HDCS had a work program and held 2 sessions of its enhanced career transition program. The program helps unemployed people integrate better into the labor market. The program consists of 6 weeks of classroom training, delivering certifications, followed by 6 weeks of work experience.

Looking back, 2021 has been a very successful year for Humboldt and District Community Services, and they are looking to the future. HDCS has big plans for next year, with Korte excited about what’s to come.

“We received a grant to purchase a new career exploration tool using virtual reality. We are very excited to see this rolled out to our job seekers, schools and employers in the New Year. “

Along with the announcement of virtual reality, HDCS will also offer additional job workshops targeting tourism sales and services, as well as well-being at work series.