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IV Community Services District back in charge of community center

The Isle Vista Community Services District has taken over management of the Isla Vista Community Center after suspending programming due to COVID-19.

Now, under the direction of Isla Vista Manager community spaces Myah Mashhadialireza programs, Community Center will operate on a daily basis to provide safe programs at the Isla Vista community.

The Community Center is a central resource for residents to enjoy recreation, arts, education, community gatherings and celebrations.

“Isla Vista is a vibrant community; it deserves an inclusive space, sure to amplify the agendas and interests of the people who live there,” Ms. Mashhadialireza said in a press release. “I’m really looking forward to running an access and empowering space for the community to come together for quality events and weekly activities. »

As of 2021, the community center was operated by Santa Barbara County and Good Samaritan Shelter as the base of operations for the Pallet Shelter program. Additionally, Isla Vista Beautiful and Americorps Coordinated Entry operate from the Community Hall.

With updated policies to keep facilities safe, Ms. Mashhadialierza will develop public programs so that all residents can benefit from the space.

Isla Vista Community Center is located at 976 Embarcadero del Mar and the community hall is located at 970 Embarcadero del Mar.

Individuals, community groups, non-profit organizations, local colleges and government agencies can reserve or rent the space for events.

Reservation requests can be made via the community calendar of Isla Vista

A complete list of general rules and regulations, reservation process and Covid-19 policies can be found at

email: [email protected]