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Kale Logistics Wins Chicago-Rockford Deal, Considers Community Sea-Air Systems

Amar More on a panel at Air Cargo India last week

Kale Logistics Solutions appears set to sign an agreement to bring a community-based airport cargo system to Chicago Rockford Airport. “The deal is ongoing,” confirmed Amar More, chief executive of the Mumbai-based tech company.

In addition, Kale is said to be bidding for the new Kenya airport development project, although Mr More has not committed to this.

Mr More, addressing The Loadstar on the sidelines of Air Cargo India last week said the technology would transform “the way business operations and B2B transactions are executed in the logistics industry.”

“One of the most relevant offers from our ACS [Airport Cargo Community System] is the management of truck locations. Here, all truck arrivals and departures are managed according to time slots to avoid congestion at the gates,” Mr More said. “Truckers experience much shorter wait times at the terminal gates and all documentation is pre-done before the truck reaches the terminal.”

Mr. More also noted that the development of port and airport community systems – a sea-air corridor – has the potential to become a business enabler, despite some hurdles in the way centered on customs clearance procedures.

“With transparent data from every mode, the Corridor promotes streamlined customs clearance procedures, optimized logistics and full digitalization to achieve an end-to-end turnaround time of just hours for goods transiting from seaport to airport and vice versa,” Mr. More noted.

“These gains can translate into a 50% reduction in average lead time compared to pure sea freight and a 40% reduction in costs compared to pure air freight.”

“Sea-Air Corridor is the platform that connects these two modes of transport to form new synergies in the supply chain. This link will establish seamless freight movement with advanced information sharing and connect relevant stakeholders of both modes,” he said.

According to More, an increase in cargo volume levels at busy airports bodes well for the industry. Mumbai Airport saw international cargo loads increase by 30% year-on-year to around 770,955 tonnes in the financial year 2021-22.

Meanwhile, India is making rapid progress on its plans for the new Noida International Airport (NIA), near Delhi, after selecting Tata Group as a construction partner last week for the project, designed with a multimodal cargo hub integrated. Cargo handling capacity is currently targeted at 2 million tonnes in the initial phase, increasing to 8 million tonnes per year in stages.

According to industry sources, a consortium WFS-Allcargo, DP World and Maersk are among the main contenders for the proposed cargo terminal as the new supply chain integrator game adds more options air freight. However, no official information was immediately available.

Highlighting the value of digital innovations, Air Cargo India has coincided with another milestone for Kale, wrapping up its 100th airport cargo yard customer – GMR Cargo Hyderabad International Airport (GHIAL). With this addition, in India, Kale offers Cargo Management Systems and Air Cargo Community Systems at 12 major airports including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Chennai.

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