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Los Alamos Community Services Announces Closures – Los Alamos Reporter


Due to the Cerro Pelado Fire, which continues to burn approximately 3.5 miles from LANL property and approximately 7 miles from the Los Alamos townsite, the Los Alamos County Community Services Department (CSD) and its divisions have moved to telecommuting.

Reducing the number of people physically on site where possible to ensure the county is better prepared if conditions change. The personnel change will affect public facilities and scheduled meetings until further notice:

  • The scheduled May 10 meeting on the Pueblo Canyon Trail is canceled until a later date.
  • Los Alamos and White Rock senior centers will be closed; however, the meal service
    will continue with home delivery, meals on wheels and drive-thru.
  • Open gym programs at Los Alamos public schools are canceled;
  • Los Alamos County Ice Rink Closed;
  • Los Alamos County Golf Course Closed;
  • Los Alamos County Aquatic Center is closed;
  • The Los Alamos County Public Library in both Los Alamos and White Rock is closed;
  • Los Alamos Nature Center is closed;
  • All unpaved trails in Los Alamos County are closed for recreational use;
  • Fuller Lodge Art Center is closed; but this may change as plans are reassessed;
  • The Los Alamos History Museum plans to remain open during the “decoration” phase;
  • The NMSU Cooperative Extension Office will be closed, but reachable by phone or email;
  • Los Alamos Teen Center plans to stay open, to provide space for children to congregate
    during the “set” phase;
  • Youth Activity Centers will be closed; and
  • The Family Strengths Network (FSN) will be open during its regular hours, however Chit Chat
    recess and adventures are cancelled.

Overlook Park will be closed to the public starting today, May 9 through the end of May, to accommodate additional U.S. Forest Service (USFS) fire support. Additional information will be published in a separate press release.

The Los Alamos Public Library encourages customers who have items to return to call. At that time, the library will change the due dates for all items (regardless of item type) to one month from the time of the call.

Los Alamos National Laboratory and Los Alamos County entered Stage 3 fire restrictions on May 7, which means unpaved trails maintained by the Energy Department and the county are also closed to all recreational use, campfires and charcoal grilling are prohibited, and other restrictions are in place, click here for more information.

The lab and Los Alamos County are in the “ready, set, go” phase, as a precautionary measure only, which means there is no emergency, but residents and Employees should have a plan in case they need to leave the area in the event of an evacuation order.

“Set” means residents of the Los Alamos area must create an evacuation plan, “go bag” and communication plan that includes area evacuation and contact information and be sure to lend pay close attention to news and information about the fire. Residents can be proactive about the potential for evacuation, contacting friends and/or family for potential accommodations, as hotels are already filled with people evacuated from other fires.

Currently, there are no plans to evacuate the lab or county at this time.

IF the county moves to the “Go” phase, officials anticipate that only residents of the Los Alamos townsite will need to evacuate. At this point, the White Rock area does not appear to be in the path of the fire and would remain in the “hold” phase; however, White Rock residents should always be prepared in case circumstances change.

Residents can inquire about the evacuation status through the lab’s webpage, Los Alamos County’s Cerro Pelado Fire Updates page, and the community’s CodeRED alert system. Sign up for CodeRED Los Alamos County Emergency Alerts by texting LOSALAMOS at 99411.

Additionally, a step-by-step guide to signing up for CodeRED can be viewed on YouTube. More information on packing a “go bag” and other evacuation information is available on this Federal Emergency Management Agency website. Information on shelters is available here.

Again, LANL and the county have no plans to evacuate at the time of this publication.