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Loving Giving Local: Lakeshore Community Services

Since 1986, Lakeshore Community Services has provided residential care for people with developmental disabilities. The agency began when Pennsylvania began shrinking state institutions.

The organization believes that everyone, regardless of the severity of their mental disability, is capable of further development.

“We provide service and assistance to people in Northwestern Pennsylvania, in five different counties. We provide blended case management, residential services for people with developmental disabilities and support for people living independently in the community,” said Alan Benson, CEO of Lakeshore Community Services.

For more than three decades, Lakeshore Community Services has provided service to Northwest Pennsylvania and may still be one of the area’s best kept secrets.

“We started as a small residential provider and have grown significantly over more than 30 years,” Benson said.

The nonprofit organization operates 25 residence halls in northwestern Pennsylvania. It employs 350 people serving more than 700 customers.

Joe Askins of the Auto Express Resale Center presented Lakeshore with the Loving Giving Local donation.

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“When you think of Loving Giving Local, and when you think of Lakeshore Community Services and what they do for our community, and they’ve been doing it for over 35 years. For us to be able to donate today and that donation will impact our community is what Loving Giving Local is all about,” said Joe Askins, Auto Express Resale Center.