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Primacorp contributes $30,000 to Sea to Sky Community Services

Squamish, BC, April 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Inspired by their recent partnership with the Sea to Sky Community Services (SSCS) community employment program, Peter and Stephanie Chung donated $30,000 $ to SSCS.

Primacorp has been part of the Squamish community through Quest University since 2020. The partnership with SSCS supports Primacorp’s strong commitment to enriching the communities in which they operate, forming strategic partnerships to “give back” in the areas of employment , health and education.

In 2021, Primacorp partnered with SSCS to staff their new Quest University site with Joe’s Table Café, a social enterprise committed to providing meaningful employment to as many people with cognitive disabilities as possible.

Joe’s table at Quest was opened by Peter and Stephanie Chung, in honor of their late son Joseph, who was living with autism. As reported in a recent Chief Squamish article, the Chung family’s hope is that “customers will understand the importance and value of inclusion.”

“One thing I’ve found is that people with different abilities tend to stick with one job,” said Peter Chung. “A lot of times when you go to cafes it’s more of a short-term job. Their abilities, they tend to stick to it. […] They are very proud of what they do. »

Joe’s Table is one of over 20 businesses along the Sea to Sky Corridor currently partnering with SSCS to help underserved people find meaningful employment. The Chung family wishes to continue their sponsorship of the SSCS community employment program in the years to come and look forward to working with the organization to empower more workers with disabilities in the Sea to Sky community.

By supporting SSCS, the Chung family will also help provide access to mental health care for young people aged 12 to 24 through new partner organization Foundry Sea to Sky. Sea to Sky Foundry provides support, social services and access to primary care for neurodiverse youth and their families.

By building positive relationships with community partners, Primacorp also aims to strengthen local support networks for Quest University students to access peer counseling and support. Community support and access to local resources contribute to a positive post-secondary education and help students excel in their studies.

Primacorp Ventures is the largest independent provider of private post-secondary education in Canada, whose primary goal is to change lives through education, service and care. Dedicated to creating meaningful jobs for people with dementia and a strong advocate for autism awareness, Primacorp Ventures participates in a variety of community initiatives and philanthropic work. Primacorp Ventures Inc.