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Renfrew County Community Services Department Receives 2021 Local Champion Award from Ontario Municipal Social Services Association

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The Renfrew County Department of Community Services is the recipient of the 2021 Local Champion Award from the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association.

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The award was graciously accepted on May 2 by Director Debbie Robinson and managers of Ontario Works, Child Care and Early Years, and Community Housing in a virtual ceremony.

The award is in recognition of the outstanding achievement that has been achieved through the establishment and effective delivery of the Renfrew County Social Services Integration Project within the Department of Community Services.

The transformation of human services integration began in 2018 with the development of a local vision and plan to improve the service experience for clients accessing Ontario Works, Housing and of childcare by adopting a “no wrong door philosophy”. This was done by unifying service delivery in the areas of brick and mortar, process, communications, staffing and technology. The ministry’s four service centers in the Town of Renfrew, Town of Arnprior, Village of Killaloe and Town of Pembroke have been renovated to consolidate Ontario Works, Housing and Child Care programs.

“The Human Services Integration Project will provide our community services in a very efficient and effective way to our community,” said Renfrew County Executive Debbie Robinson. “Events like this set the stage by clearly demonstrating to the province that we take their modernization initiative seriously and that we are working together to create efficient service delivery and reduce future long-term costs through at a shared counter. and the provision of shared services. This project will make a significant and positive difference not only for our own operations, but more importantly for our residents.

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According to a press release from Renfrew County, local policies and processes have been changed to improve collaboration between programs and to simplify and improve accessibility of services to clients.

“Investments have been made to support a healthy corporate culture through a transformative leadership approach and enhanced succession planning to retain and train community service staff. By consolidating the Community Services offices within the Renfrew County Administration Building, further efficiencies were achieved through the sharing of technology and equipment and created increased collaboration with other departments in the county,” the statement read.

The Local Champion Award from the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association recognizes great work done to advance excellence in human service integration and service system management by teams of managers of consolidated municipal services and district social services administration boards across the province.