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Sonoma County Circuit Rider Community Services CEO Wins North Bay Forty Under 40 Award

He describes himself as a “generational rancher” with ties to the Bodega on the Sonoma County coast on a ranch set up by his great-great-great-great-grandfather in 1850. Casul also admits that one of her biggest professional challenges remain: “Say no to volunteering opportunities!

Casul began working in the civil service in 2008 managing dual diagnosis rehab housing for troubled youth. In 2013, he earned his MPA with a major in nonprofit management and went on to manage professional programs for the most severe and persistent mentally ill for seven years, then moved into program management for the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity for four years.

Most recently, Casul led Circuit Rider Community Services whose primary programs consist of juvenile justice programs and hands-on paid vocational rehabilitation programs for at-risk youth. In four years, it has grown into “a vibrant vocational program for at-risk youth with revenues inflated to 10 times what we started four years ago”.

This is in addition to his position on the Sonoma County Coastal Municipal Advisory Council, the Safer West County Board of Directors, the New Ways To Work Board, and his role as a volunteer firefighter with Fire Forward, while tending to his family’s cattle and vineyard. Infrastructure.

From a business perspective, what is being under 40? and then what is the worst?

Having the energy to push yourself to your limits, (and) having the energy to push yourself to your limits.