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TCV Community Services partners with Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

Effective January 1, 2022, RCPA Member TCV Community Services officially became affiliated with RCPA Member Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit behavioral health care providers, serving 25 000 children and adults in 13 states.

Based in Allegheny County, TCV Community Services is a leading nonprofit provider of behavioral health treatment and support programs focused on adults and adolescents with intellectual, developmental and of dependency.

“This partnership between two behavioral health leaders in Pennsylvania has the potential to transform care for individuals and families across the Commonwealth,” said Richard S. Edley, PhD, President and CEO of Rehabilitation & Community Providers Association (RCPA). “I am confident that with the expertise Devereux brings and the role TCV plays as a long-standing and trusted community provider, the behavioral health landscape has become even stronger for people in need of effective, efficient and high quality behavioral health. .”

TCV will have immediate access to Devereux’s national model of best clinical practice and evidence-based care. This relationship will help TVC continue to grow and advance its deep-rooted mission to serve the most vulnerable communities in Allegheny County.

The partnership with TCV will deepen Devereux’s behavioral health treatment practices and perspectives in niche areas, particularly drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation services, a specialized expertise of TCV, while expanding its reach in western Pennsylvania. Together, TCV and Devereux will be able to expand into more areas and better serve individuals and families in the Commonwealth and beyond.