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YMCA Victoria improves access to community services with Avaya Cloud Office

YMCA Victoria to reduce ICT costs and provide greater access to childcare, fitness and youth support services through Avaya’s cloud-based consolidated communications.

Avaya announced that YMCA Victoria (“The Y”) will standardize collaboration for its 5,000 employees with the Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral communications and collaboration platform, strengthening community ties, enabling help desks to deliver consistent and reliable communications during times of external crisis. disruption and reduced operational costs.

The Y is a not-for-profit organization (NPO) that has been providing essential services and support to communities in Victoria since 1853. As part of its continued growth, the organization has expanded to more than 150 locations in Victoria, in South Australia, the ACT and Queensland, including youth services, swimming schools, early learning centers and leisure facilities, connecting with more Australians than ever before.

The addition of new sites, some of which allowed it to launch new services, saw the Y inherit multiple disparate systems of administration, collaboration and contact center technology from previous site operators, which risked to create operational silos within the facilities, affecting approximately 5,000 staff and volunteers.

The introduction of the all-in-one communication solution Avaya Cloud Office has allowed the Y to centralize its teams and processes, which has boosted productivity and therefore increased access to its services for the community.

Shane Riddle, Managing Director, Technology and Strategy at the Y, leads the organization’s digital transformation.

“Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to be healthy, happy and connected. A collaborative workforce is key to achieving this goal and ensuring communities have easy access to our youth, fitness and support services, especially during difficult times such as closures,” said Riddle.

“Avaya was a perfect fit for us because the results delivered by their systems align with our mission. With better-connected teams, we can increase our visibility in local communities and provide more ways for people to connect with the Y at their convenience, bringing us together even when external challenges keep us apart.

The Y has recognized the need to create a consolidated communication environment to enable collaboration among its staff, whether in offices, community facilities and increasingly at home.

Additionally, the organization decided to consolidate its communication and collaboration workflows to improve operations and reduce costs.

The Avaya Cloud Office cloud platform has proven to be the ideal way for the Y to meet these requirements. Avaya Cloud Office is an all-in-one “all-in-one office” that provides the Y with a Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) application that enables collaboration across multiple channels, enabling employees to call, message, meet, video conference, file sharing and more in one environment.

Avaya Cloud Office has already given the Y reprieve to manage internal and external disruptions, including blockages, by streamlining communication and collaboration capabilities. Staff can now work from anywhere on any device, including iPad, iPhone and iOS, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and connectivity.

Technology-enabled community support and services

Looking ahead, Riddle said streamlined communication will bring various day-to-day benefits to the Y and local communities, with less administrative work meaning staff will have more time to engage with community members in face to face.

“The delivery of our services will improve significantly this year, which, due to increased demand following the pandemic, has never been more important,” Riddle said.

“Our teams will know less about what we don’t want, which is the time spent on excessive administrative tasks, and more about what we do best: efficient and personalized access to programs and activities for young people , fitness, recreation and health. »

“For example, getting the kids in the pool and teaching them to swim will become a much smoother process, with all reservations, cancellations and payments consolidated.”

Avaya Cloud Office was implemented for the Y by Australian Managed Service Provider (MSP) and long-time Avaya partner, Fixtel, who provided system integration and staff training at over 81 locations .

“The Y plays a fundamental role in the lives of young Australians and their families, and with Avaya Cloud Office, it’s easier than ever to connect with teams across the Y through a range of different channels,” said Craig Taylor, director. at Fixtel.

“This means those looking for services and programs for young people to stay healthy and connect with others will find it easier. This is facilitated by equipping the Y with call routing and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, which make its employees even more responsive. »

Jeremy Paton, Team Engagement Solutions Lead Asia-Pacific (APAC) at Avaya, said: “More than nine million Australians across three states accessed the Y last year for a wide range of services and support, even during periods of confinement.

“With Avaya Cloud Office centralizing its workforce and support teams, the organization will deliver these services both more personally and more efficiently, and meet immediate challenges in times of uncertainty, while preparing for the long term by increasing productivity and reducing costs by eliminating the need to maintain multiple technology systems.

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